Happy Birthday Thanks

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Hi guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for making my 28th birthday more awesome than any other so far.  This was my third birthday that I spent streaming and it really made me appreciate the amazing community that I have supporting me.  Streaming is my life and I have worked hard to get where I’m at, and know there is so much more that I can/will do in the future! I want to especially thank the ones who made me feel special on my Birthday, especially ApexRogue with telling his community to send Birthday wishes my way, and sending me Darkest Dungeon to play as well! And thanks to DarkRapacity for gifting me Town of Salem!  I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me <3

Also I want to shoutout every single one of my subs, first with PrefirezTV with that $9.99 sub love last night! New subs: easyeman77, gorivan, hvmanity, hyrulianknight1, redspoison, thejoeshowrocks, tecmyit, down_of_juggernaut, predatorpurrfessor, jazz3601, neutral_one, & wildfathom! You guys are the real Pirate Crew, thanks for all that support! Also thanks to IMSt3PH for being my girl on Twitch!

I honestly was hesitant to change platforms again, but am really glad my community has mainly stuck around, and that we have met some new family in these short 3 weeks of being affiliate on Twitch.  I still feel loved and at home, which is what I want in my community, a place for people to come together and feel welcome. No matter the platform. Now we can enjoy it with more consistency. I will still support others on Mixer, and wish everyone the best of luck if they feel at home there still.

Words are not enough to show my appreciation for everything over these past 2.5 years in my streaming endeavor. My heart is happy. Thank you.


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