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Hi guys, I’m writing this from my phone, testing out the mobile version of the WordPress app for my website! It feels pretty slick so far and I’m excited to try posting my thoughts about some stuff more often here.

So anyways I have been hard at work updating my site so we now have a Swag Shop that I have 100% control of for prices, discounts and everything! I’m hoping to offer stuff at the cheapest possible cost while still allowing myself to return a small profit from each sale.

Who wants some Swag? Check out anatlus89.com/shop if you wanna see what is available so far! I’m going to be working on a nice pirate logo for myself and will be adding more new options to the shop as soon as I can too! If you have any ideas of things you would like to see, please comment and let me know!

I’ve been working on a lot of different things behind the scenes lately and hope that it will all help our growth this year as a community! I am also using Bebo again; a super awesome streaming program that allows me to play all the games without any frame drops or low fps. I have to give up on OBS again due to these issues that made any 3d type games unstreamable since the fall creators update on windows. Bebo is awesome and has a cool community to be a part of as well. So I am definitely looking forward to growing with them too.

We should be doing a lot of stream things in the upcoming weeks. I have a lot of games I need to play with you guys, including: Dauntless, Terraria, Laser League, WoW, Sims 4, Subnautica and who knows what else I’ll come across to keep us busy and not thinking about Sea of Thieves(March 20th release date)😢. Plus cooking & perlers of course too!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I will be back posting my thoughts here whenever I feel the need to. Thanks for being a part of the best crew!



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